The Inn Between of Longmont

Our residents need your help more now than ever. With your support, we can continue to provide residents with not only a safe place to live but the resources they need during these difficult times.  

​​At The Inn Between, we place have always aimed to be adaptable to meet the needs of our community. We thank you for your ongoing support and wish you health and hope during these difficult times.


COVID-19 Protocols 

The Main Office
- Our office is open for essential business only. Please pre-arrange any visit by calling the front desk at (303) 684-0810.
- We are staggering staff schedules and assigning some to work from home to create social distance. This may increase the amount of time it takes for you to receive donation receipts and other communications.

Resident Information
- Advocates are checking in with residents to determine and address urgent needs. 
- Our Starfish Fund, which offers financial assistance for emergency expenses, will be opened up to include rental, childcare, and other expenses that might arise.
- We will increase the frequency and scope of building cleaning activities for the foreseeable future, especially in shared spaces and common areas.
- We are adjusting food pantry access so that residents can still receive healthy food without risking their own health or those around them.
- Maintenance response will continue, with attention to safety for staff and residents.
- All life-skills trainings and community events are postponed. The Education Center will also be closed for the time being.
- Screening of new applicants and most off-site meetings are postponed or being addressed remotely or through phone conferencing.


COVID-19 Response

- Many work in the service industries, so the financial impacts are already felt. The sudden loss of                     income has brought on fear and uncertainty.

- Nearly 20% of our residents are over the age of 55, and even more have medical challenges that would         increase the severity of COVID-19. If they become ill, they may need physical and financial assistance.

​​The Inn Between is committed to supporting our residents during the COVID-19 health crisis and will do everything in our power to ensure their safety and stability. The Inn’s serves low-income families and individuals, many of which are particularly vulnerable to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Inn Between residents are already facing uncertainty and hardship.