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Matching Grant Challenge



Boulder County has approved $50,000 towards debt reduction with a matching requirement

This is good news! 
We have the opportunity to match this grant and reduce our debt by a total of $100,000, but we need your support to reach our goal!

In 2012 The Inn Between purchased a building at 230 Coffman Street (IB4) motivated from a lack of adequate space to house the growing number of families experiencing homelessness in our community. 

Building 4 contains 2 and three bedroom units giving us the ability to house 17 more families.

In 2013, The Inn received $200,000 in Boulder County Worthy Cause funds towards the $750,000 in renovations the building required to make it habitable. In 2014, another $100,000 in Worthy Cause funds were applied to renovations. 

The Inn has paid off renovation costs and is now focusing efforts toward paying down the mortgage debt on the building

What are Worthy Cause funds? In 2008 county voters approved "Worthy Cause III," a 10-year extension of a .05 percent sales and use tax that helps with debt reduction* and funding of capital facilities for nonprofit organizations. These funds help with the high price of obtaining and/or improving facilities that fit nonprofits' specific needs as they serve the population. The tax expires in 2018.

Worthy Cause sales tax revenues include a pool of funds to be allocated through a competitive grant process. Each year, the Boulder County Commissioners seek Capital Funding or Capital Concept Requests from qualified nonprofit human services agencies for Worthy Cause pool funds.

This year, our agency applied for Worthy Cause Pool funds to reduce our mortgage debt on Building 4.

We are happy to tell you that Boulder County officials approved $50,000 towards debt reduction with a matching requirement. 

This means, we will receive $50,000 once we raise a matching amount in partnership with local, individuals, businesses, and foundations. 

This is good news because rather than $50,000 towards reducing our debt

this is an opportunity to reduce debt by $100,000!

HOWEVER, raising these matching funds is a challenge and we can use support from YOU 

to help us reach that goal.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and how you can support it, please contact Executive Director, David Bitler, 
or call 303-684-0810.