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Nicole, Resident of the Year

Nicole's diligence in building a strong future for her family and the progress she is making has caught our attention.

Everyone who comes into the program arrives with a sense of relief and hope, yet the challenges ahead can still be high hurdles to overcome.  Rebuilding is a process.

This young lady recognizes the opportunity she’s been offered and has wasted no time, no effort, no possibility for creating a healthy, happy, stable future for her children.

Finding a safe, affordable place to live was a prerequisite for her two young children being returned to her care. This was difficult to find, but she persevered to make it happen. She was referred to the Inn, met our employment and other eligibility requirements, and was offered a one bedroom apartment. For the short term, this could work because her son and daughter are quite young, but she knew this wouldn’t always be the case. Eventually, sharing a room would be impossible. She is also aware this is 24 month housing solution so she’s utilizing everything the Inn has to offer.

Now…she’s not alone in need, gratitude, or effort, but what has truly made her stand out is her desire to build community and strengthen The Inn Between agency too.  She’s been a self starter who recognizes that being good neighbors and knowing each other personally is good for all, especially the children. So, she put together a big summer fun event in her courtyard that was well attended and great fun for all.  She has also shown concern for The Inn’s stability offering help at fundraising events and even involving her kiddos to help make the events successful!

With her eyes and heart set on her children and their future, she took advantage of our savings program by which The Inn matches every $1 with $2 up to $500 and has saved above and beyond that amount.

She took initiative for her future by reaching out to Habitat for Humanity and has just been selected as a future homeowner; already having saved the down payment she needs to achieve a home.

Her children can now look forward, not just to having their own rooms, but to long term stability with an example set by their mother about how to achieve it in their own lives.