Close to Home

Support for The Inn is helping the people who live here.

Outreach from the community is necessary and welcome support. Our residents are grateful for the wonderful ways the community shows solidarity for their efforts to improve their lives.   

Funding our general program and services remains the best way to support the men, women, and children who live at The Inn. 

Funding support from the community is what enables The Inn Between to sustain the housing, case management services, and training classes that help stabilize the lives of our residents, both old and young! 

An effective way for groups to help the residents of The Inn Between is to hold group led events in the community that raise funds to support our general operations which , ultimately, is what offers our clients this place to call home and a means to a better future. 

Ideas for fundraising for The Inn:

Crowdfunding campaigns

Pancake breakfasts

Spaghetti dinners

Host in home parties 

Gift cards collections

For more ideas contact: Laura or Katie at


Host an Event

Our 2nd Annual Appreciation Dinner for Donors, Volunteers, and Community Partners was held September 29th; sponsored by Greens Point Catering. Several special individuals and groups were recognized at this event

2017 Award Winners:

Youth and Family Award: Awarded to a group or individual that positively impacts children housed at The Inn Between.
Jack Carlson ~ local student who collected over $1,000 worth of gift card donations for Inn residents

Community Partner of the Year: Awarded to a group or person who find tangible opportunities to support our mission. 
Thrivent Financial, Flatirons Group ~ Event sponsors and avid supporters

Volunteer of the Year: Recognizes long term commitment to volunteering for The Inn
Emmi Guillen ~ local student who shares the story of the Inn with everyone she meets!

Legacy Award: Recognizes a person(s) who have made a long term commitment to support The Inn Between agency.
Jennifer & John Fueston  ~ Community Members

Micah Home Build

This Longmont Call to Action is a follow-up to last year's Homeless Awareness Symposium!

The goal is to introduce community based solutions to solving homelessness, highlighting faith-based and non-traditional housing models. The event will also launch the Close to Home campaign in Longmont, identify "champions" and offer an array of resources and experts to guide World Cafe' style small group dialogue. 

Together we will make homelessness history!

Share and Volunteer:

Proud Sponsor

Did you know

Flatirons Group Thrivent Financial 
is a Proud Sponsor of 
The Inn Between of Longmont?

Even better...your partnership with Thrivent can help you maximize contributions to The Inn while strengthening your own finances.
Thrivent Financial is the world's largest not-for-profit financial services organization.

Thrivent Financial is a Fortune 500 company with the strength of over $110 Billion in assets under their management. Many financial service companies say they are unique, but only Thrivent Financial blends faith, finances and generosity.
It is Thrivent's goal to help people have a healthy relationship with money.  And, as a not -for-profit entity Thrivent understands how to get the most velocity from charitable giving and volunteerism.
Find out how becoming a Thrivent member can strengthen your life, the lives of others, and The Inn Between of Longmont.

Flatirons Group Thrivent Financial

Donor Appreciation Dinner

The Micah Project is named for the Book of Micah a biblical book about overcoming injustice and defending the rights of the poor. It is our hope that the Micah Project will serve as a model for local agencies, churches, businesses, and the community to partner together in bridging the affordable housing gap in as an investment in the health of our community.

​We have reached a point in the process where we must proceed with our construction planning process, however the funds procured thus far may only be use for construction. We cannot move forward without funding to make preparations for construction.

One of the ways we seek to churches, service groups, businesses, and individuals is as a collective body coming together to construct the Micah homes. Together, the funds (or portion) to construct it can be raised and the labor support needed to build it. 

We are seeking monetary donations in 2017 and volunteer assistance in 2018 when we begin to build.  

Ways to Get Involved:

Funding—make a financial contribution (that can be paid off over a year) to cover a portion of the cost of construction.

Communications—invite your congregants, members, or employees to participate

Volunteers—Join s for a day on the construction site. A Volunteer Manager will take care of all of the scheduling and managing of volunteers, and provide all that is needed on the build day.