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UPDATE, 9/15/2017
We're proud to introduce our current roster of collaborative partners on the Micah Project!

The First United Congregational Church of Christ
The original visionaries of the project, and donors of the land that the project will be built on at 9th and Francis

Faith Lutheran Community Church
Providing monetary support for the project through donations from their Endowment Fund for the last 2 years

Radian I Placematters

Non-Profit design group that focuses on creating healthy and sustainable communities

Krische Construction
Our general contractor for the project

Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley

Provide assistance with the building frame up and build dates

Boulder County
Providing $150,000 of Worthy Cause Tax Funds for the Micah Homes construction

City of Longmont
Assisiting with permits and fee reductions for the project

In February of 2016, First Congregational United Church of Christ Longmont committed to transfer approximately 10,000 square feet of church land to the Inn Between. 

Plans for the property are to partner with the Inn Between to construct six 400 – 500 sq. ft. permanent, supportive apartment units for low-income, homeless, or at-risk individuals; including the elderly and disabled. Micah home residents will receive all the supportive services The Inn Between program offers to empower them to lead sustainable and self-sufficient lives. 

The project is known as the Micah Homes Project; a name is derived from the Book of Micah about overcoming injustice and defending the rights of the poor. It is our hope that the Micah Homes Project will serve as a model for local agencies, churches, businesses, and the community to partner together in bridging the affordable housing gap in as an investment in the health of our community. ​

UPDATE, 9/15/2017: 

On January 11th, the First United Congregational Church of Christ officially deeded a portion of their land to The Inn Between for the Micah Project. The land now belongs to The Inn and we're excited to begin construction in the spring of this year!

Longmont is facing a very real affordable housing crisis. Those whose earnings fall below 30% Area Median Income Limits (AMI) are particularly challenged to find adequate and affordable housing. 

A recent study from Economic and Planning Systems was presented to the City Council demonstrating that Longmont is roughly 2,500 units short to sufficiently house low income families and individuals.  In 2015, the cost of market rate housing increased 14% and the overall cost of living in Boulder County increased 11% making it even more difficult for this low-income population to find and maintain housing.  

The Inn is one of the few agencies addressing the lack of affordable housing for < 30% AMI populations in the St. Vrain Valley who are homeless or at highest risk of becoming homeless.  ​

Photo: Construction in the Longmont area / Not the Micah Project,

Micah Homes Project

An Introduction:
Boulder County's Affordable Housing Crisis

UPDATE, 4/13/2017:
The city council unanimously approved the United Church of Christ rezoning request. We're working with a non-profit design group, Radian Inc., to create a plans for our Micah homes, slated to begin construction in 2018. Above is our first conceptual drawing, featuring entrances off a central pathway as well as a community room and garden for guests to enjoy. 

Micah Homes:
The Inn Helps Bridge The Affordable Housing Gap