The MICAH HOME Project

Will Become HOME! 


Roberta and Paul are the first of the Inn Between's clients to be identified to move into the Micah Project following its completion. They have been living at The Inn for a little over a year and a half, and their story genuinely conveys that homelessness can happen to anyone. Roberta and Paul's story begins in a place similar to dozens of families in Longmont. They were a hard-working couple just taking it day by day, paying off their home and helping others when they could. But, all of that changed when Paul was involved in an awful accident resulting in chemical burns to his lungs, leaving him permanently disabled. With Paul unable to return to work, the bills began to pile up and before they knew it Roberta and Paul had lost their home and found themselves living in a camper outside of town, continually living in a state of hardship with anxiety about the genuine possibility of losing power to the camper and, in effect, the oxygen that Paul relies on. Paul had been a hardworking, independent man his entire life never needing help from anyone, so the limitations of his disability preventing him from being able to do his job was heartbreaking. After 17 months and a number of below freezing evenings in the RV Roberta and Paul found refuge at the Inn Between where they were able to find stability and a renewed quality of life. Roberta and Paul are the type of people that always keep their chin up and go out of their way to help others and have become a real asset to the Inn Between in creating community and a culture of helping others. They are very grateful to know they will have a permanent affordable housing solution and say they are looking forward to creating that same sense of community with their neighbors there. 

Oh! Once it’s built it will become a home! I think it is a wonderful, incredible gift from God!”  ~ Maureen

“It’s all traumatic. You feel worthless...useless. You are harder on yourself than anyone else around you.” These are the words of Maureen telling us about her experience with clinical depression that led her to homelessness. Maureen has an illness she must fight everyday, but manages well now with medication and positive support. Maureen (75) always worked hard to support herself and her three children, as a single mother and as an empty nester, until her struggle with depression became so severe it nearly destroyed her life. She put on a good face as long as she could, until she just couldn’t even go to work anymore. It immobilized her and she reached a point when she must find a place or be on the streets. So, she called the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and fortunately was accepted into their Transitional Housing Program. Once her depression was medically addressed, Maureen began to rally and came to live at the Inn Between of Longmont where she found a place to call home. Maureen became a Permanent Supportive Housing Program resident receiving affordable, stable housing into the future with the support and advocacy she needs. “When I first stepped into my room at the Inn Between, it was such a relief. I had a place to live where I could get myself together, get better, and find myself again. What I found were positive, helpful people who never disparaged me. I was allowed to work my way through things.” Maureen took every class The Inn offered and found them to be a new and very helpful learning experience. She began to thrive and was given charge of The Inn pantry services; shopping for food at Community Food Share weekly and stocking the pantry shelves. Eventually, she became an Inn Between Resident Manager. Maureen will become a Micah Home resident once it is built. She lights up when she talks about moving there, “Oh! Once it’s built it will become a home! I think it is a wonderful, incredible gift from God!”