MICAH HOMES: Making home a permanent reality for those in need. The Micah Homes project will become six permanent, supportive apartment units for low-income, elderly or disabled individuals. It has become a true community effort and serves as a model for how community partnerships can serve those in need. See how you can help!

UPDATE, 10/18/2018
We're proud to introduce our current roster of collaborative partners on the Micah Project!

The First United Congregational Church of Christ
The original visionaries of the project, and donors of the land that the project will be built on at 9th and Francis

Faith Lutheran Community Church
Providing monetary support for the project through donations from their Endowment Fund for the last 2 years

Radian I Placematters

Non-Profit design group that focuses on creating healthy and sustainable communities

Krische Construction
Our general contractor for the project

Boulder County
Providing $150,000 of Worthy Cause Tax Funds for the Micah Homes construction

City of Longmont
Assisting with permits and fee reductions for the project