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Meet Our Staff

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Meet Our Team


Tim Rakow

Executive Director

Tim Rakow is a 28-year veteran in the nonprofit sector, having assembled significant experience in education and human services within various states and Central America. Over the years, Tim has walked alongside those marginalized and has gained considerable knowledge around the realities of homelessness, affordable housing challenges, property management concerns, and real estate processes as a local Realtor. He joined The Inn Between in 2009 as the Bilingual Housing Advocate and then Program Director before becoming Executive Director in August 2018.  While at The Inn Between, Tim has supported a multitude of families and individuals and can appreciate the complexity of their challenges, while also sharing deep humility for the resiliency demonstrated. He is a community advocate for homelessness solutions and affordable housing gaps while also striving to develop key program fundamentals that foster client growth through sensible accountability.​  He and his wife, Josefa, and two children live in Longmont.


Laura Liotino

Associate Director/

Development Director

Laura has 24 years of work experience in affordable housing and non-profit fundraising and development. She is originally from Upstate New York and moved to Colorado after graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Elmira College, Elmira, NY. 


Leslie Ogeda

Bilingual Supportive Housing Advocate

Leslie joined The Inn Between in September of 2019. Leslie is a Boulder native and worked for Boulder County, for 23 years, first as a WIC Educator and then as a Program Specialist. She has volunteered at Sister Carmen Center for 25 years and served on their Board of Directors for eight years. Leslie also previously served on the Board of Directors for the Immigrant Legal Center for five years. She enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with her family and her two doggies.


Sarah Eberly

Supportive Housing Advocate

Sarah joined the Inn Between in March 2021. She is originally from Nebraska and relocated to Colorado this past year. Sarah has a background in homeless services, affordable housing, and Head Start programming. She received her Bachelor of Sociology degree from the University of Nebraska in 2013.

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Katie Thibideau

Development Coordinator

Katie joined The Inn Between in October 2018. She came to The Inn Between after serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA, where she was the Resource Development Coordinator for a Denver based non-profit.  Katie has background in marketing and project management and received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan in 2015.


John Mongello

Maintenance Supervisor

John was hired in January of 2011.  John has 13 years of experience with Maintenance, 14 years of experience as Union Carpentry, nine years of experience as a Property Manager for Boulder County managing 170 units.  He has training in supervisory management and computer classes.


Sable Cofrin

Property Manager

Sable was hired in August of 2017. She came to the Inn Between after providing therapeutic services to children with autism and developmental disabilities. She has a background in psychology, behavior therapy and mental health advocacy, and is currently working on a double bachelors in sociology and philosophy.


Jenna Tullberg

Supportive Housing Advocate

Jenna joined The Inn in October 2019. She is originally from Wisconsin but relocated to the Boulder County area in 2014. With over 10 years of experience in education, employment support, and housing programs she enjoys assisting individuals in achieving their best selves. She has a background in Social Work and Public Administration with a passion for policy development and program evaluation.  Additionally in her free time, Jenna likes to explore the mountains and hidden gems of Colorado with her family and friends.


Kasey Miller

Program Training Coordinator

Kasey originally joined The Inn Between as a tutor for the Education Center in 2020. She has a Master’s of Education in special education, is board certified by NASET as a special education family advocate, and has 13 years of teaching experience. She brings a background in mentoring youth, volunteer coordination, and event organization to her new position as Program Training Coordinator.


Terri Johnson

Executive Assistant

Terri joined The Inn Between in April 2014. Terri has over 20 years of administrative and office support experience. She currently holds an SSBI federal security clearance.


Brian Mein

Maintenance Technician

Brian was hired in September of 2017 to assist with property and building maintenance. He is originally from Estherville, Iowa and moved to Longmont, Colorado in 1985. He graduated from Skyline High School in 1999. Brian came into The Inn Between program in 2015 and successfully graduated in 2017. He now lives with his wife and children in Longmont.

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