to add a fifth facility with six permanently affordable units for elderly, disabled, and low-income clients (Micah Project). We have also seen leadership changes over time, most recently, with David Bitler's departure. Along with the entire Board of Directors, we are grateful for his dedicated service and passion for saving lives and creating opportunities for the future. His community-minded vision will remain in our organization.

In this transition, I am stepping in as Interim Executive Director, bringing with me a nine year tenure having held  both Case Manager, Program Director, and Associate Director roles.  I am meeting with county agencies, officials and other non-profits to identify additional ways to address the affordable housing needs of our community to chart a course forward for the future of The Inn Between of Longmont, Inc. 

I look forward to keeping you apprised of plans for the future and of the Micah Project progress.  We will continue to be an agent of change for our diverse population of residents by providing education, advocacy, and life skills to those who would like to work towards self-sufficiency. Focused on fostering success for Inn clients we will offer greater support by bringing on staff a third Supportive Housing Advocate at the end of this month.

We are very grateful for your commitment to providing a Supportive Housing Program for those struggling to meet basic needs. Your support is changing lives. I welcome any questions or feedback you may have during this time of transition. Thank you for all your support.

Tim Rakow

Kim Ranes 


Diamond 4 Realty

Yvan Murad

Vice President
Murad & Murad, PC

Andrew Reed


First Bank

Dianne Horn


Community Member

Frank Weigle 

Colorado State Public Defenders Office

Doug Schmidt

Community Member 

Bridget Nannen
Greens Point Catering

Emma Hall

Boulder County Coroner's Office

Maxine Kary

Sunflower Bank /

Guardian Mortgage

Amy Okubo

The Law Firm of Amy Akubo, LLC

Sable Cofrin
Supportive Housing Advocate

Sable was hired in August of 2017. She came to the Inn Between after providing therapeutic services to children with autism and developmental disabilities. She has a background in psychology, behavior therapy and mental health advocacy, and is currently working on a double bachelors in sociology and philosophy.

​​​​Margie Aguirre
Bilingual Supportive Housing Advocate

Margie was hired in November of 2015. She was born in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, and grew up In California.  She has been a resident of Longmont for 22 years. Margie brings 15 experience of Case Manager formerly with The OUR Center and holds an Associates of Arts in Sociology and Accounting.  Margie is an active volunteer in our community as the coordinator of the Mexican Dance Troup, Nahucalli for over 20 years,  a Zumba instructor for Casa De La Esperanza and as an English teacher for Intercambio. 

Zach Klipstein

Supportive Housing Advocate

​Zach earned his Bachelors of Social Work degree from Colorado State University in Fort Collins in 2012. He has a heart to be a servant leader in all of this work and an understanding advocate for those in need. Zach grew up in Longmont and has worked in the field of social work in this area for many years. His experience includes serving clients with mental health, homelessness, developmental disabilities, and addictions issues. He enjoys running, rock climbing, playing guitar, and watching movies. 


Brian Mein
Maintenance Assistant

Brian was hired in September of 2017 to assist with property and building maintenance. 

Team Members 

Dear Friends of The Inn Between,

The Inn Between of Longmont was launched 25 years ago by a coalition of 23 agencies dedicated to addressing homelessness in our community. Their vision has affected not only the lives of thousands of people in need over the years, but has strengthened our overall community by fostering resiliency. Over the years, many transitions have occurred. We have grown from serving the homeless in one 31 unit building to four buildings that collectively provide 72 supportive housing units. We will soon launch an exciting new construction project to

Because everyone needs a home

Board of Directors

Tim Rakow, Interim Executive Director 

Timothy Rakow
Interim Executive Director

Tim has 26 years of diverse work within non-profit human services, schools, and advocacy.  Extensive knowledge of barriers that impact at-risk populations and challenges in affordable housing.  Experience in housing rehabilitation, rental property management, and real estate sales.  His professional background spans work in Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, and Guatemala. He came on board with The Inn Between in 2009 with 10 years of teaching experience and over nine years of client advocacy and non-profit management experience. 

Laura Teta
Development Director

Laura has 24 years of work experience in affordable housing and non-profit fundraising and development. She is originally from Upstate New York and moved to Colorado after graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Elmira College, Elmira, NY. 

Mary Ann Sanchez
HR Associate/Bookkeeper

Mary Ann was hired in July 2007 as the Administrative Assistant. Mary Ann has over 15 years of administrative assistant experience. Within a few months, bookkeeping duties were added to her position.  She was promoted to Office Manager in February 2014 and added HR responsibilities in 2015.  Mary Ann was a resident at the Inn in 2005 and 2006 and successfully completed the Inn’s program. 

Terri Johnson
Office Administrator

Terri was hired in April of 2014 at the Administrative Assistance for The Inn Between of Longmont. Terri has had over 20 years of administrative and office support experience. She currently holds an SSBI federal security clearance.

John Mongello
Maintenance Technician

John was hired in January of 2011.  John has 13 years of experience with Maintenance, 14 years of experience as Union Carpentry, nine years of experience as a Property Manager for Boulder County managing 170 units.  He has training in supervisory management, and computer classes.