Join the businesses and organizations that ensure The Inn's services are available to those in the community who need them most by entering into a Corporate/Business Partnership. Our Partners are vital in enabling a path to self-sufficiency.

The Inn's sponsorship opportunity provides year-long benefits and can be customized to your business.  Contact Laura Liotino, Development Director: or (303)684-0810 for more information or to set-up a corporate partnership.

It’s a Win Win. 

Holding in store events and donating part or all of the profits to a charitable organization helps strengthen the community by advancing the agency’s mission. Likewise, awareness of your company is increased, which generates more business for the company. The Inn Between is committed to co-promoting such events and activities to help you leverage your exposure and branding in the community.

Service-oriented businesses can often provide pro-bono services directly to non-profit organizations. Anytime agencies can save on costs for services it directly benefits our program participants.

Getting your customers involved in the process of giving back is a powerful way to attract more business. Surveys have shown that most consumers will opt for one product over another if a portion of the proceeds benefited a charitable cause they care about.

Companies can donate a portion of every sale transaction to charity or ask clients to make a donation at the point of sale to support a charitable organization where they work and live to bolster the community’s overall strength; or choose a particular day or product that offers a percentage of proceeds as support for a local cause as an added purchasing incentive. In addition to monetary donations, companies can also encourage staff to volunteer their services in their local communities.

​Spread the good news. Don’t be shy about publicizing your business' community involvement efforts. Sharing your efforts publicly will help educate and remind others about the charity or cause you support as well as inspire people to get involved. Tell your local media, customers, and employees, and use your customer newsletter or website to get the word out.

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Corporate & Business Sponsorship