The Inn Between of Longmont

Our on-site Education Center Program operates two days a week and provides after-school enrichment and tutoring for children living at The Inn Between in a positive, healthy setting. The goal is to strengthen the foundation for learning, to advance educational success and to provide preparation for effective future learning. 

What We’re Doing

Resident youth are provided with enrichment opportunities that build community. The broader community is also engaged in supportive activities such as back to school backpack and clothing drives, holiday celebrations and giving programs. 

Skills classes address the components identified as necessary to progress residents' capacity to live independently and are taught by experts from the community. 

Resident Children receive:

Homework assistance
Learning enrichment
After school 1-on-1 tutoring (K-12)
Healthy after school snacks

We are seeking financial assistance to support opening the center 5 days per week. 

Supporting Youth  

Studies show that stability and support can influence educational and future success for youth. The Inn Between's youth programming provides opportunities that empower youth to reach their educational goals.

Student Incentive Program 

Youth Trips & Events

Education Center

The program offers at-risk, homeless youth a safe, stable, and supportive environment that allows them to stay in school focused on their studies.

Students enrolled in the program must maintain a full-time course schedule with grades and attendance in good standing. In addition to no cost housing, students are connected with the resources needed to keep them in school and provided with guidance to influence healthy lifestyle choices and learn the skills necessary to live independently and self-sufficiently.