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The Inn Between of Longmont has two overarching goals. The first is to provide a home for families and individuals facing homelessness. Our second goal is to empower residents to achieve long-term housing stability so they can address the challenges that led them to housing instability. Housing is the foundation and supplemental Supportive Services are the edifice for long-term stability. It is crucial to underpin our housing opportunity with educational opportunities for all ages in order to foster stability and put an end to the ongoing cycle of homelessness.

Over our 28-year presence, 5,400 adults and children made a HOME inside our walls. Our affordability, training, and support helps them overcome homelessness and maintain stable housing after they leave.

For parents, we are a respite from unaffordable rent and an inability to adequately support their kids. Monthly rent is set at 30% of income, and we offer financial literacy and life-skills training, scholarships for trade and technology certifications, tutoring, or career services to help with finding higher paying jobs. 

For children, it offers a home to return to after school, learning support, and a stability that immeasurably improves their well-being.

For the elderly and people with disabilities, it offers permanent, affordable housing that is close to amenities, such as medical offices and public transportation. There is also an on-site pantry to prevent food insecurity.

For people with long histories of being homeless on the streets, substance abuse or mental health challenges, it is a shelter from hardships which have likely prolonged their struggles and prevented healing.

For youth fleeing a dysfunctional home-life, rejected by their parents, or facing other significant hardships causing homelessness, The Inn is a safe, supportive, place to call home without cost, so they can finish their high school education and prepare for a thriving adulthood.

Your support is providing a gift of a HOME, RESPITE, & STABILITY.


Thank you. If you have any questions, please email or call (303) 684-0810.

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