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HI-ARC-The Inn Between of Longmont, Inc

Transitional Housing

Helping local families and individuals
build a more stable future


Our Transitional Housing Program provides time-limited affordable housing for families and individuals facing homelessness. Each household can live with us for up to 36 months. During this time, Heads of Household work with our Supportive Housing Advocates to improve their ability to be self-sufficient. 

In the end, residents graduate the program with the skills they need to escape the cycle of homelessness and give back to their community as neighbors, coworkers, and friends. 

Transitional Housing residents pay rent set at roughly 30% of their gross income. 


of 2023 graduates stayed in Boulder County​

Local Folks
Currently Employed
Facing Homelessness

Living or working in the St. Vrain Valley for at least 30 days.

Working 32+ hours/week for at least 30 days


working 20 hours+ /week, with full-time, post-secondary school status.

Homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. Applicants must also be <40% Area Median Income (AMI).

Transitional Housing residents receive comprehensive Advocacy and Supportive Services. 

Inn Their Own Words

Christine, Single Mom

I'm so grateful; The Inn Between has really saved my life. I left a life of domestic violence. I love it here, and I call it home. Now I am saving for a place for me and my daughter. After my time with The Inn Between, I will never be homeless again. 

A couple cheek to cheek smiling

Tom and Gina, Young Family

We absolutely loved it here. Our first daughter learned to walk and talk here. The staff really cares about the people and families.

man 3

John, Single Dad

I'm so thankful to have been introduced to The Inn Between, and for having a place for me and my daughter. I really want to give my daughter a good foundation, and being able to live here and get back on my feet will help me achieve that.

Nicole's Story

Nicole and her two children left their home to escape an abusive home life. For a while, camping was her only option, so she did her best to make the experience fun to keep her children from losing hope.  Despite her efforts, the two months they spent camping felt like two years to her young son, Evan. Eventually, Nicole found respite at The Inn’s Transitional Housing Program.

Nicole is an example of what diligence and hard work can achieve when given the opportunity to build resiliency.  With her eyes, heart, and mind set on the future, Nicole saw The Inn’s Supportive Housing Program as a wonderful opportunity and wasted no time, effort, or possibility to achieve a stable future for her family.  With a safe, affordable place to live, she could hold a job and took full advantage of the program.

Nicole set a long-term goal to become a homeowner someday. When she learned about the Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program, she applied to become a partner family and was selected!  With the The Inn’s Matched Savings Program ($2 for every $1 saved up to $500) she had already saved for her down payment. Nicole now owns a home, and is living with her kids in our community.

“Since I’ve been at the Inn I’m cheerful, ecstatic, enthusiastic, protected, safe;  I’m really excited about my future and it’s been a while since it’s been like that. I think I can actually do this now and it’s really amazing."


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