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Supportive Housing & Services

Our Mission is to provide supportive housing and promote stability to diverse homeless families and individuals by utilizing community resources, advocacy, and life skills training.

Carolina's Story

Carolina still remembers that feeling of anxious trepidation. It’s a feeling she experienced often growing up as one of seven children in a poor family. The first time she recalls feeling that way was when her family moved from Mexico City to Chicago. She remembers the scent of the air was different and the people around her were no longer familiar. At five, it was anything but exciting. It was foreign and strange. Over the years, her family would move frequently and this feeling overcame her every time.

Our Mission

The Lives We Impact

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Events & Advocacy

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Each donor, volunteer, or community partner, in his or her own special way, according to ability, has made a gift of self to the individuals and families who live among us; people who, as the saying goes; have found themselves "between a rock and a hard place". Because of your gifts of time, talent, and money you've softened hardships faced by many, many people.

Your caring support has provided those living at The Inn with essentials and opportunities that give them hope for the future: a soft bed, warm walls to surround them, food in their cupboards, and most importantly mentors to help them access resources and offer assistance setting goals and actions plans for progressing from crisis to stability. You've done that! It wouldn't happen without people, such as yourselves, who are there to keep others from falling between the cracks, or to offer a helping hand to those who have.